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Victoria Tara is Ukrainian born contemporary artist based in Miami, USA.
She is best known for her semi-abstract works derived from archetypes and geometrical patterns. Her art is inspired by Sacred Geometry and resembles the turning Wheel of Eternity - with no beginning and no end.

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Sonja Joy

Sonja is an interdisciplinary digital artist whose focus is dark, surreal images representing emotions and universal truths. Her process is deliberately vague, intuitive, weird, subtle yet not. She strives to create portals to your subconscious.

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Imtiaj Ahmed Headshot
From his early childhood, Imtiaj always loved to play with gradients of vibrant colors and curved lines with sharp edges containing blurred endings. Colors have always been used as expression, desire and have psychological effects on one's personality. As a self-taught artist, he hopes that his uniquely styled abstract digital art will fill the hearts of people with joy, love and happiness. Imtiaj says,"I'm not here to make fans, but rather I'm here to make people happy!"

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artist sofia zolezzi

Sofia Zolezzi is a self-taught artist from Chile. She was born in the coastal city of Viña del Mar, and nature has always been a huge source of inspiration for her. She started learning oil painting at the early age of 8 years old and never stopped painting. She studied Engineering and then became a teacher, but after years of searching for her real passion she decided to become a full-time artist in 2020. Today she is an internationally recognized artist, and her abstract art is focused on the expression through gesture. Each movement creates a different line which represent different emotions, her goal is to transmit positive energy and give to the observer a moment to leave thoughts aside to connect with high vibrations.

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Drawing and painting were Janet's very favorite activities, ever since she could first hold a crayon or child's paintbrush. She did not take art classes in college--somebody else was paying her tuition!  She 
did take art classes later in life from an artist friend in California, and then from another artist friend in Colorado. Janet has been a member of CrestoneArtists.com since 2012, where she has shown her work in a group show, and in several open studio tours. She has also shown her work at Peace Theological Seminary in Los Angeles.  

At some point Janet started seeing beautiful colors and shapes during her meditation/spiritual exercises, and experimented with multi-media painting of what they inspired in her. After playing with all the colors in such a joyful way, she would naturally move into a more purposeful mode to compose and complete whatever the playfulness had allowed her to discover. Janet surrenders to her painting process without naming or defining it, and for her, it is uplifting and fun.

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 Patricia McInroy is a former photojournalist who grew up in Wyoming and works in the mediums of photography and video. Her work has shown at art galleries in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Denver, Albuquerque and Hartford. Patricia has taught at The Denver School of Photography and Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design since January 2014. She graduated with an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2007.

We are very excited to feature Patricia's exclusive "You Are Here" Collection.

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 Laura Viola Preciado lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State where inspiration is everywhere. Laura explores process, technique and diverse materials searching for the tension found between beauty and inelegance. Paint, ink, pigments and water are applied with intention while still allowing them to respond in ways fundamental to their properties. Paintings, drawings and monotypes are an expression of Laura’s visual language developed from life in the Pacific Northwest where nature, pattern and light are immersive. Laura edits abstract compositions embracing the accidental, the deliberate and the places where they meet.

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Art is a vehicle to explore our exterior and interior landscapes.
Viewing the world from a meditative stance, Suzanne Frazier calls herself a Contemplative Artist. She creates work that does not refer to any specific location or time. Each painting lives in its own place and time, free from a particular association. The painting process begins with heavy application of paint with a pallet knife. After the thick paint dries, she begins painting her emotional response to share her contemplation.

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John Bacon was born in Coeur d' alene Idaho in 1951. After receiving a medical degree he practiced orthopedic surgery for 30 years. Six years ago at the urging of his wife Claire, he began to create abstract paintings. Through practice and experimentation, he developed his own unique style. Now an internationally recognized artist, John's paintings are characterized by the use of color and movement to create energy and interest in his work. His goal is to draw the viewer into each piece through the overall impact and create further observation within the details.

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The art of Angel Espino has evolved over time into an integration of personal narrative, method, and message. Using creative expression as a means of self-exploration, Espino developed his signature style: using gravity and organic movement to layer intense color from above the canvas, engaging with the color using his hands and sticks to generate intentional form, then reducing layers to reveal and contrast. His abstract expressionist style conveys the wisdom gained from reflection-experiences, planned and unplanned, leaving their marks for us to weave and rend and weave again into a tapestry of meaning.

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Jesse Doyle is a 30 year old self-taught Abstract Expressionist painter born in Rochester, NY. He is currently based out of New Bern, NC. After getting out of the Marine Corps in 2015 he struggled to find his true self. Through the arts he is able to express the deepest and highest self which allows the mind and body to heal through the battles brought on by life and military experience. He is now a 100% intuitive creator that has sold over 400 original paintings. He begins each body of work with no set plan in mind but will begin to channel his emotions directly to canvas.

Each painting is a pure materialization of the meditative state.

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Jesse Frazier aka Faim Worldwide is an entrepreneur and artist. As a businessman he is the owner of the Englewood Tavern and co-owner of Talk Gallery, both in Englewood, Colorado. Talk Gallery is featured in the Art Unknown Podcast Episode 31. Faim Worldwide has developed a unique blend of comic book art and grew to notoriety from his rendition of the
Easy Rider helmet worn by Peter Fonda in the 1969 film.

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Anna Murphy

Originally from England Anna Murphy is a Chicago based artist, with a professional studio in the Pilsen neighborhood. She balances her time between fine art/gallery work, and outdoor murals and installations. In her studio work she specializes in realistic figurative and portraiture painting, in oil. Her paintings have deep roots in spirituality and the investigation into the power and divinity of feminine energy. In addition to her gallery work she is also a muralist, exhibiting her work in public spaces across Chicago and beyond. Her murals celebrate nature’s serene beauty, and our oneness with Mother Earth and the animal kingdom.

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Lisa Calzavara has been creating art professionally for over 18 years. Trained in multiple mediums including oils, acrylics, encaustics and resins, she is able to design a variety of unique artwork. Her series span realism, abstraction, impressionism and surrealism with her most recent pieces focusing on movement and intense colors. She currently exhibits at D’art Gallery and Sync Gallery, in Denver, CO.

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Janrace Prudent is a mixed media artist who pushes herself to experiment with surfaces, materials and tools. Her art is the perfect blend between contemporary and abstract. She works with fluid acrylics, resins, textures and vivid colors and infuses every piece of art with femininity, love and positive vibes.

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Living the life of a successful artist and living the life of a talented artist are not mutually exclusive. Nor are either a guarantee for anyone pursuing the arts. With a background that began on the engineering side of life, Jim Wills shifted his focus as a young adult toward the life of an artist. But he wanted the life of both a talented and successful artist. Without knowing it, he found it. In photography, in acting, in journalism, and in the Art Unknown podcast.

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