Fashion With a Conscious

Jim Wills

In the 21st century clothing has become more accessible to more people around the world. Great fashion is no longer reserved for the runway, the galas, and award ceremonies. But readily available garments has seen the rise in fast fashion- which we've talked about on this blog before.

With fast fashion comes the horror of cheap clothing which has the potential to do much more harm than just fill our landfills and pollute our planet (as if that isn't bad enough!)

asian textile workers

From water waste and toxic chemicals to quality of fabric being used, fast fashion may actually be killing us. This might sound drastic, but please read on for insight into the true dangers of fast fashion and what it means to be a responsible, sustainable fashion brand.

At the Art Unknown Store we truly care about our planet and do our best to commit to eco-friendly practices and continue to share our values and transparency.

When it comes to production of clothing, we work with suppliers who share similar values and responsibilities to protect this planet. 

Helena Barbour, business director of sportswear at Patagonia, tells Teen Vogue. “It includes the way your clothing is dyed and how the waste water is handled. What are the working conditions in those factories? Are the workers who make your clothing paid a fair wage? Is your clothing high-quality or does it fall apart after a few wears?”

factory clothes

These are questions we think everyone should be asking when considering a clothing purchase. As we have seen in the recent rise of fast fashion; values such as quality products, fair wages, and eco-friendly practices have been replaced with poor quality, poor working conditions and an abundance of toxic chemicals and waste within the production cycle.

Toxins used in the manufacturing of fast fashion are harmful not only to our environment but are potentially deadly to us the consumer. Clothing that kills? You may be exposed to toxins that can shorten your life, at the very least, these chemicals can cause skin irritations or other health problems.

There are upwards of 8000 synthetic chemicals used in the manufacturing of clothing; carcinogens, lead, formaldehyde, polyfluorinated chemicals, hormone disruptors, and nonylphenol ethoxylates are just a few.

textile dyes

We are not here to bash overseas manufacturers, but instead, to educate; to share knowledge. We believe a better informed customer is a happier and healthier customer. This is why we choose to do things differently.

In the United States we have become more aware of toxins in our food and our environment than ever before. We shop for organic and stay away from GMOs. Our government has removed lead from paint and CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) from our aerosols. But what about our clothing?

Art Unknown Store clothing is made from recycled materials and because they are custom made for you we are saving fabric and reducing waste. We also use less plastic in our packaging.

The patterns are printed using a direct-to-garment printing method that spray ink onto the garment which soaks into the fabrics for longer durability. The inks are vegan, non-hazardous, toxin-free and biodegradable. No toxic chemicals are used.


The printers produce zero wastewater, use less energy and create a lower carbon footprint than traditional methods.

Rest assured that your purchases from the Art Unknown Store do not have harmful chemicals. We strive to be eco-friendly. We are proud of the products we make and we wear them ourselves.

Remember, Your Life is a Masterpiece. Dress Like it.

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